September 14th, 2023

NDP, transit users win GO, TTC fare integration

QUEEN'S PARK – Official Opposition Critic for Transit and Active Transportation, Joel Harden (Ottawa Centre), released a statement celebrating the Ford Conservatives’ long-awaited decision to eliminate double fares for commuters travelling between the GO Transit system and the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) after years of relentless pressure from the Ontario NDP and transit users.

“The fact that fare integration will be funded by the province and not come out of TTC revenue is welcome relief for transit users across the province. People are struggling to make ends meet. This long-overdue lifeline offers much-needed relief to the people of Ontario – a measure that should have been implemented by the Ford government much earlier.

These changes will go a long way for students paying tuition and hardworking Ontarians - ultimately returning people to our transit system and speeding up commutes for everyone. It's about time the Ford Conservatives stopped making life more unaffordable for people in this province.

This solution was straightforward from the start. It shouldn't have taken years to act and take on the cost of eliminating these double fees."